Vows for a Permanent Commitment


Holding Each Other

Going through life alone is a difficult journey because there is no one there every day to help with the bumps, twists, and turns life tosses at anyone. It might seem important to have a partner, but the wrong one can create even more chaos in an already stressed life. For those who have found the partner that is just right for them, holding each other through every good and bad time is all part of what they can expect from a good relationship. Sometimes they will hold hands, and other times they might grasp each other to keep from falling into a dark and painful chasm.

The ability to reach out to another person is a large part of what makes being in a committed relationship a good way to go through life. Both of them know there is somebody to hear their sorrows and share their joy, but the true test of their relationship often comes when a difficult path must be scaled. Each of them will have to depend on the other, and their strength together could be the only thing that gets them through to the top.

While it is often the strength shown getting through the hard areas of life that tells how close a couple is, it can be the easier sections of the road that might be their undoing. They can get too comfortable to notice the other person, and their bond can wither. Keeping it from happening is important, so holding hands occasionally could be a good way to retie the knot.

Loving another person is not quite the same as committing to a long term relationship with them, so the relationship must be further bolstered. Being able to reach out to the other person can only happen if they are still there when the good or bad times come passing through.