Partnership without Marriage

As couples mature, they begin to plan for retirement. It is unfortunate that some partners do not live to enjoy it, but they might have left a pension for their spouse. Many of these types of financial arrangements are dependent on the spouse not remarrying, so it is often a difficult decision to find a new partner. If they are set for life, friends and family will generally encourage them to remain legally single instead of marrying again.

Being a mature person alone is difficult for someone who has been part of a relationship for decades, and their loss can weigh heavily. They might feel the only real relationship is one where there is a legal commitment, and the thought of living with someone without marriage can be horrifying. It might make financial sense to live together, but emotions often overrule clear thinking. It takes a strong support group of friends and family to help a mature person see why they should consider this type of arrangement.

The economic climate of the past few decades has made generous pensions mostly a thing of the past, but those who are lucky enough to have them should think long and hard before letting one lapse. When a couple has been together for years, both of them have earned the pension. Forfeiting an earned benefit might be the biggest mistake a widow or widower can make.

Lack of a legally binding marriage does not necessarily mean there is a lack of commitment, and there are now ceremonies for those who are not interested in marriage. If the relationship does not work out, they can go their separate ways easily. This is best for the pensioner if they find their new partner is unsuitable, and friends and family will be able to comfort them without the need to worry about their financial health.