The Imperfection of Life

Being in a relationship is a good way to go through life, and having a committed partner to share everything it has to offer makes it even better. They are there to share the joys, and they might even be the one who is helping to ensure they occur. A partner is almost always wonderful during good times, but life is not perfect, and a good partner during the bad times might make all the difference in the world. They can be encouraging, helpful and share the emotional burdens of life.

People with experience know that life is often difficult and trying times have a way of finding even the happiest, most optimistic people. They know that tragedy can occur in the blink of an eye, and they will have to find a way to cope with it. This is the time when a committed partner is most important, and if they are also a good partner they will attempt to make the tragedy easier to bear.

When people are married, they take vows to be together in sickness or health and good or bad economic times. These vows have carried many couples through times where they might have chosen to give up on their relationship, and this is one reason to state their vows in front of family and friends. Making a verbal commitment before loved ones helps people realize they should stay with their partner when the bad times occur. Being there for each other is what a relationship is all about, and vows help reinforce this idea.

Life is often difficult, and goals cannot always be reached by a person. The ability to lean on a partner in bad times can get a person through their difficulties, and giving another person the same assistance is fulfilling for those who care. Giving up on a relationship because of bad times will not stop bad things from happening, and wise people who have been together for years know their commitment to each other will get them through an imperfect life.